About Artcraft Management, Inc.

An income-producing property can be a strong long-term investment. However, it takes skilled, experienced management to preserve the value of the property and maximize the income from it. Artcraft Management, Inc. has been successfully acquiring and managing multi-family and senior housing developments for more than 20 years, and also providing management expertise for investors like you. Artcraft has managed over 10,000 units from Orlando, FL to Arlington, VA.

In addition to providing property management expertise for investors, Artcraft has been renovating and building income-producing real estate for almost twenty years. Artcraft Development L.C. has overseen numerous acquisitions, renovations and new projects, including historical renovations and several new construction full-scale senior apartment communities.

Our Core Values make our mission clear.

  • Provide attractive, well maintained income producing real estate.
  • Deal fairly at all times with residents, potential residents, commercial tenants, team members, suppliers, lenders and investors.
  • Provide an environment within which Team Members enjoy their work and increase their skills through on the job training and periodic education.
  • Utilize property management techniques to remain at the forefront of the industry.
  • Be a socially responsible corporate citizen with respect for environmental, sociological, cultural, and charitable concerns.
  • Provide returns to our investors within acceptable market ranges.
  • Provide our company's owners with a reasonable return on their invested time, effort, and money.

Thousands of residents in scores of communities count on us for housing that is well-managed, attractive, and a strong value. We invite you to learn more about our unique and comprehensive approach. Contact Artcraft today.